Risa’s Fictional Fundraising Letter


Our students are given a variety of assignments to help them prepare for real world scenarios. Here is an example of Risa de Rege’s letter for Annex Cat Rescue.





February 2, 2016

Annex Cat Rescue
P.O. Box 19028
360A Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ont., M5S 3C9
416 – 410 – 3835

Dear Michael,

I want to tell you a story that I think will warm your heart, even in this weather.

Winter, the lovely cat pictured below, came into our care on a cold winter’s day in 2014. Abandoned in the streets, he had a number of medical issues besides the bitter cold. Arthritis. Early renal failure. Severe dehydration. He wasn’t expected to live for very long.

Two years later, he’s thriving!Picture2

Winter was happily – and luckily – taken into a loving and caring home where he can play, sleep and eat all day. His medical issues are now in check and he’s as happy as can be. Any cat’s dream.

Winter’s is one of countless stories, but they don’t always have happy endings. There are an estimated 100,000 homeless cats in Toronto, and many of them will not make it, at risk of disease, malnutrition, or potential euthanization in overcrowded shelters. And cats need warmth and love now more than ever in these cold, dark months.

But there is hope.

Organizations like the Annex Cat Rescue fight relentlessly to help cats across the city. Operating on a strictly no-kill basis, our extensive network of foster homes gives cats from all backgrounds the love and care they need to thrive so that they can be successfully adopted into their “forever homes.”

In 2014, 180 cats were happily adopted thanks to the dedication and kindness of our volunteers and donors like you. We also helped feed and provide veterinary care to over 400 feral cats. We save lives. And we can’t do it without you.

The Annex Cat Rescue relies entirely on donations to keep running – which we’ve been doing since 1997. In this envelope you’ll find a donation card and a self-addressed envelope, postage paid. We know we can count on you to help us fulfill our vision for Toronto to be a city where all cats are loved and cared for.

With your help, they can all have an ending as happy as Winter’s.


Risa de Rege
Annex Cat Rescue


Winter wouldn’t have received the urgent medical care he needed without the generous financial support of our donors – people just like you who care about animals and agree with us that all cats should have access to the love and care they deserve. Help make success stories like his the norm for all cats in need by donating today.