Holiday Helper: Picking the Perfect Christmas Tree

Family of 7 infront of a selection of green christmas trees
Remy Martino and Family picking out their tree

Holiday Helper: Picking the Perfect Christmas Tree

By: Remy Martino

December is just around the corner, promising a month of festive family fun. Make sure your little elves are ready to pick a Christmas tree worthy of Santa’s Workshop with these easy tips and tricks.

For many Canadian families, picking a Christmas tree signals the start of the holiday season. Though it’s fun to whip up batches of gingerbread cookies or binge on festive movies, Christmas will never be complete without the warm glow and fresh scent of an evergreen, nestled nicely in a corner, waiting for Santa. By following these steps, you and your family can have a tree worthy of the season.

Step One: Pick a Location for Your Tree

Take a look around your home and decide where you would like to place your tree. Common locations might be the living room or front foyer. Ensure there is enough space for your tree by checking the height of your ceiling. Don’t forget to get out the tree stand, as that certainly adds a few inches! Also consider the height of your star or angel, and have a salesperson cut the tip of the tree to accommodate the topper.

Step Two: Tree Types

There are countless Christmas tree options out there, and all of them are guaranteed to make someone happy. But, what kind of tree does your family want? If there are small children waiting to shake some presents, you might want to avoid a Norway spruce, as the branches may be sharper than those of other trees. If you want a tree that fills your home with the fragrant scents of the season, a Douglas fir might be the tree for you.

Step Three: Pine Fresh

This tree needs to last more than twelve days, so make sure it is a fresh one before you strap it to the roof of your family car or shove it in the Uber. The freshness of a tree can be determined by checking the trunk for sap: you want it to be sticky. If it’s too cold to take off your mitts, you could also take a needle straight from the tree and break it like a pencil. Did you hear it? That’s a good sign!

Step Four: Green as the Grinch

A healthy tree is a green tree! If some of the trees on the lot are faded in colour, they are thirsty; these will not last until Christmas. Try to find a tree that is truly evergreen!

Step Five: Oh, Christmas Tree

If you think you’ve found the tree of your dreams, have someone cut the stump. This does not hurt the tree, and it makes absolutely sure the tree will be able to absorb water once it’s secured in your stand. You will want to water the tree as soon as you can!

Step Six: Smile for the Camera

The best part of the holiday season is making memories with the ones we love. Make sure to take a family photo before leaving the lot!

Step Seven: Tip Top Shape

To keep your tree healthy and happy once at home, remember to water it. The sun will dry out the branches, and the needles might fall off, so direct sunlight is not good. Nobody wants to clean up that mess!

Bonus: A Perfect Fit

Christmas trees are personal. As long as you follow the care instructions laid out here, the shape of your tree is up to you. Pick a tree you know everyone will love from the first day of Christmas to the last.