A tour through the tunnels

PWC students go below ground to explore the history of Humber College In this post, student writer Sarah Nieman chronicles an afternoon spent getting closer to the buildings we walk by every day. Sarah is a member of this year’s PWC cohort. With armfuls of legends and ghost sightings, you’d think that the entrance to... Continue Reading →

Eileen Magill: My mom, the Superwoman

PWC student Eileen Magill shares a personal reflection on her mother's experience with Celiac disease. I must have been 12 or 13 when I realized my mom wasn’t well. She was showing signs of illness before then, but I had been too consumed with teenage affairs to notice. She was Superwoman, and to a naïve... Continue Reading →

Natalie Richard’s Reflections on Her Internship

In the third semester of the PWC program, students participate in internships that help them apply everything they've learned throughout the year. Natalie Richard reflects upon her first few weeks interning in the Communications Department at The Kidney Foundation of Canada. When I helped my brother, Daniel, move out of his place last year, it took... Continue Reading →

Christina Williams: Learning to Breathe

We love sharing great writing from our students. Here's a piece from Cristina Williams, class of 2015-16. Will you let stress consume you or will you take a breath? By Cristina Williams I’m sitting in the passenger seat of a cream-coloured MINI Cooper, crawling through an unlit industrial area of a Toronto suburb. My friend... Continue Reading →

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