Top Ten Tips: Research

Cobi Ladner

PWC students are always learning new things, and once in a while we like to share some top tips. From professor Cobi Ladner, who teaches the Writers as Researchers course, here are (in no particular order) ten tips on her topic:  

Always check with the organization you’re working for about which style guide to use (also check on the dictionary).

Consider the credibility of the sources you use (rely on official sources or those who are paid to do research, such as journalists or government).

Go beyond the first page of Google when you’re searching for information, and experiment with more complex searches.

Avoid using sources that are out of date, unless they are central to the topic.

Always proofread citations to make sure your punctuation is in the right place.

Don’t wait too long to transcribe your interviews so that the conversation is still fresh in your mind.

Make sure you re-read the assignment or research brief so you understand what is being asked for.

Keep fact-checking in mind by documenting your research and sources as you’re doing it – don’t assume you’ll remember where information came from.

Consider bias in your sources and aim for a variety of perspectives.

Fact check your own work before submitting it to save your editors the trouble.

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