Natalie Richard’s Reflections on Her Internship

NRichard_HeadshotIn the third semester of the PWC program, students participate in internships that help them apply everything they’ve learned throughout the year.

Natalie Richard reflects upon her first few weeks interning in the Communications Department at The Kidney Foundation of Canada.

When I helped my brother, Daniel, move out of his place last year, it took us hours to get all of his equipment and prototypes packed. Daniel has gizmos and gadgets galore to help him think through his ideas and study his course work. I never realized there were so many different types of cords, wires and batteries before that move-out day.

Daniel and I have always had different interests. When we both went away for school, Daniel went to study biology and genetics while I pursued the visual arts.

Now, I have a chance to understand a little bit of Daniel’s world.

This summer, I am interning with the Communications Department at The Kidney Foundation of Canada. I get to learn about kidneys, hear patient stories, and read about the programs and services available for those touched by kidney disease. The research is interesting, and the creative writing and editing assignments have been engaging. I see the internship as a wonderful opportunity to ask questions and work alongside seasoned communications professionals.

In the past, Daniel has tried to explain to me how fascinating, and vital, the kidneys are. While these stories were interesting, I never took the time to fully understand Daniel’s enthusiasm.

With The Kidney Foundation, I am able to learn about a new field of study, witness the communications work of a national non-profit organization and take on projects that engage and challenge me daily. More than anything, my internship with The Kidney Foundation is a great way to learn through hands-on experience and develop a better understanding of the world of communications.

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